Future of Fintech starts with 7

Redefining the
Future of FinTech

with AI & Blockchain Ledger


7QUBES’ end to end platform provides automation, servicing, and A.I. decisioning engine to our Fintech Enterprise Customers.



Data Security


We use multi-layers security protocols with DLT and data encryption to provide you with the highest level of transactional data security to prevent data breach.

Cost Savings


Our automation suite eliminates unnecessary human errors to reduce resource allocation and overheads.

Risk and Compliance


All regulatory changes and compliance protocols are integrated in 7Qubes’ platform logic with artificial intelligence algorithms.



“We’re applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to solve security issues, automate processes, minimize redundancies, and allow for greater resource allocation. Basically, we enable our clients to shift their focus away from labor-intensive, tedious manual processes so they can concentrate on their products and build the best customer experience.”
—Chase, CEO