Imagine a world with no data breaches or human errors

In 2017 alone, over 180 millions reported records were stolen; while 1 human error cost 160 millions data records breach. The average cost in US for data breaches for businesses is over $25 billions annually. With companies leaving money on the table, this cost of preventing data breach and strengthen data security are one of the immediate concern corporations and consumers are facing.


In the News


Intimate Customer Information Stolen

“Macy's online customers became victims of data theft, including their credit card numbers, following a breach in the retailer's security.”


160 million plus headaches from 1 human error

“From Equifax to Uber, companies are prioritizing speed and innovation but neglecting thoughtfulness and security.”

— Forbes

Your children’s data might be at stake

“Sony suffered a massive breach in its video game online network that led to the theft of names, addresses and possibly credit card data”

— Reuters


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